Spanish researchers take a step in skin regeneration

Diseases like atopic dermatitis or skin cancer could benefit from these results. The formation of human skin involves a cascade of yet well known biochemical signals, but very important since their failures cause diseases that affect more than a quarter of humanity from atopic dermatitis to cancers of skin. Now a team of researchers from […]

Low levels of vitamin D and increased mortality

Vitamin D deficiency is especially prevalent in geographical areas where there is less sunlight. And that is why to have good levels of this vitamin is to consume food that contains it. An investigation just associated low levels of vitamin D with increased mortality. Previous studies have suggested that low levels of vitamin D gene […]

Tamsulosin for bad urination

Have after drinking alcohol significant problems with urination. I am now 60 years old and have this problem intensified for about 4 years. My prostate is not enlarged and the values are OK Have just a Spintography can make everything alright. Only my internist says that the midnight prostate is slightly enlarged. You have a […]

Pharmacological treatment of osteoporosis. What are effective medications for osteoporosis?

Treatment of osteoporosis is to prevent fractures. Osteoporosis drugs may have different effects: refrain progressive bone degradation, or resorption (antiresorptive drugs), modify bone formation (anabolic agents) or to regulate both processes. What medications administered to patients with osteoporosis and which ones are reimbursed? Treatment of osteoporosis is more effective the sooner will be taken. In […]

Hypertension: treatment with combined preparations

In recent years, the United States is increasing the availability and frequency of use of preparations of a combination of two antihypertensive drugs, which can be used as first-line treatment of hypertension. It is considered that due to the multifactorial pathogenesis of essential hypertension is justified by pharmacological intervention in the two different systems, the […]