The meningitis B vaccine will be available in pharmacies

The Ministry of Health, Social Services and Equality has confirmed to this newspaper that “have taken steps” by the Spanish Agency for Medicines and Health Products (AEMPS) for the meningitis B vaccine can begin to be sold in pharmacies with “as quickly as possible.”

The AEMPS, say from Health “continuously evaluates authorized medicinal products, and in the case of meningitis B vaccine, rated for hospital use, and in view of the available data, will handle the transition from vaccine the pharmacy in the shortest time possible”.

So far, this immunization was classified as hospital use, which meant that only administered in specific cases, such as patients with immune system problems, or in cases of disease outbreaks to protect the environment. In other cases, it was not possible to counter.

However, pediatricians always positioned themselves against this approach and called for the inclusion of the vaccine in the infant schedule, remembering that meningitis is a “serious” disease that can cause death in just 24 hours.

Recently, several Galician families that after several cases of meningitis B in their area, had traveled to Portugal to purchase the vaccine, as there it is sold in pharmacies. It is also available in Germany, France, Portugal, Czech Republic, Italy, United Kingdom, Ireland, Greece, Austria and Poland.

Health sources consulted by this newspapers reporting that at the moment is not possible to know when the vaccine will be finally available in pharmacies, but will insist on “as soon as possible”.